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Sunshine Kooikers Responsible Breeder

In this world we have all kinds on breeders, but we here at Sunshine Kooikers take breeding seriously. Our dogs and puppies are raised in our home like family. We go above and beyond to ensure that our new puppy owners receive a healthy, well balanced puppy. This starts prior to mating and beyond the 9 weeks the puppies are here with us. I personally spend hours taking classes, reading and working with each of our dogs and puppies. We raise all of our puppies the avid dog way. What is avid dog? Avidog is the world's preeminent dog breeder education institution providing cutting-edge science tempered with real-life breeding experience through in-person and on-line programs, courses and products. Avidog Associate Breeders are responsible breeders who have publicly committed to raising their puppies the Avidog Way. This means that they have educated themselves about both cutting-edge and tried-and-true methods to produce puppies that mature into physically healthy, mentally stable dogs. I have taken AKC Breeding Courses and continue to take them every chance I have. I have fulfilled all requirements to be a part of the AKC Bread with H.E.A.R.T and our kennel has also been recognized as a good breeder by Good Dog, being the first Nederlandse Kooikerhondje Breeder being approved by them.

When you begin your search for a new purebred dog ensure to look for reputable and responsible breeders. We do it for the betterment of the breed and for the love of dogs.

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